Phoenix Kickboxing

Frequently Asked Question’s


What should I wear ?

As a beginner a tracksuit or jogging bottoms, a T-shirt or sweat shirt and a pair of trainers will be suitable.

Will I need to bring anything else ?

A drink, water or a still sports drink and your lesson fee.

Do I need to be fit to start Kickboxing ?

No. Your instructor will tailor your first few lessons to suit your level of fitness. Regular Martial Arts training will rapidly increase fitness and flexibility.

What are lessons like ?

Lessons will vary each week. They will incorporate a work out, stretching, pad work, technical drills and self defence. Sparring is available at most classes for those who wish to fight (after a probationary period).

How much does it cost ?

Please call our Office 9am -5pm for all prices. Please note we have no membership or joining fee and NO CONTRACTS to sign.


What level are the classes ?

Our minimum age requirement is 3 years old at the Titans class at the Croydon Centre and 4 years at all clubs (subject to the Instructors discretion).

What other activities do Phoenix Martial Arts offer ?

Our calender is always very full. At club level we hold regular grades, technical courses, squad training sessions, inter-club tournaments and self-defence courses. We also have two association parties each year! The Phoenix squad attends major tournaments on a monthly basis, other selected U.K. events and International competitions.

When do I need equipment and a uniform ?

You will need to buy a uniform after you have taken your first grade. All other equipment can be bought as and when you need it.

Can I take grades ?

Yes. Grades are held three times a year for lower grades and twice a year for our higher grades. We will discuss with you prior to each grading whether you have attained the required standard for the grade.

Do I need to fight ?

No. Sparring is optional within our association. we will never make a student spar or compete unless they want to.

You can call us on 07710633233 or use the form below

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